Ironhack Bootcamp — Final project

Ironhack’s adventure is coming to its end. But before finishing, I had one last thing to do and maybe the most important of my bootcamp : the final project.

This last project was the opportunity to work with a client during six weeks on a UX/UI problematic.

It was the moment to review all my Bootcamp notions and to practice in real life.


I conducted this project in pair with ClémenceL. Clémence is a UX/UI designer with a strong background in e-commerce which was very useful to work on Gameflix’s website. …

Ironhack Bootcamp Project 6 — Wellness App

As a mother of a three years old girl, I keep a bad memory about the dietary diversification when she was a baby.

I remember that I needed to answer to a lot of questions and that it was difficult to find the right answers.

Indeed, a baby can’t eat every solid foods according to his age, the food introductions follows a very specific process and parents have to succeed in detecting any possible food allergies.

When I had to find a subject related to wellness for my sixth project, I immediately thought…

Ironhack Bootcamp Project 5 — Event micro-site

After two months studying UX design, it’s time for me to discover an other part of the user experience: UI design.


For this new project, I had to design an event micro-site promoting an event of my choice. This micro-site had to be a landing page declined for each moment of the event: before, during and after.

I have chosen to work on a design proposal for the last music event I attended before the pandemic started: Francofolies de La Réunion.

The subject

Francofolies de La Réunion is a music event that exists since 2017…

Ironhack Bootcamp, Project 4 — e-commerce website

COVID-19 pandemic is redesigning our world and our habits. With this second lockdown and the closing of the stores, online presence is becoming essential. As UX/UI designers, we have a role to play to help local shops and professionals to be more competitive in the current market.

The brief

For this fourth project, my mission with Marion Guitton and ClémenceL was to :

« Design a desktop website for a local business or professional. We’re focusing our efforts on organizing the information in a clear way, to be most effective for both the customer and provider. …

Ironhack Bootcamp, project 3 — Add a feature

An interactive map on Instagram

For this new project of my bootcamp, I had to work on an existing and highly adopted app and incorporate a new feature into the existing product. Instagram is one of my favorite apps and I spend a lot of time daily to scroll my thread and watch stories. I was very excited to work on it and see what I can suggest based on UX research.

The client : Instagram

Instagram is the 6th most used social network in the world. It highlights the photos and videos posted by its users through posts or stories. …

Ironhack Bootcamp, project 2 — Wicked Problem : Food & sustainability

A project conducted with Shelly Jean, Anna and Joanna Rénel.

bowl on tomatos freshly picked up
bowl on tomatos freshly picked up
Photo by Elaine Casap on Unsplash


During the two months of lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic, French people have revised their habits. Even if the situation was critical a lot of them rediscovered their daily life in a slow way. Afraid by the virus, they mostly lost confidence in supermarkets and began to buy food through short circuit retail. This behavior reflects a need to return to fundamental values away from our consumer society with an ecologic prisme. Slow consumption has became fashionable. It’s a fact. …

Ironhack Bootcamp — project 1

Abbesses subway station
Abbesses subway station
Photo by Shizuka Miyano on Unsplash

A project conducted with Olivia De Souza and Gaëlle

For this first project, we were asked to redesign the interface of RATP’s ticket vending machine. RATP is the Public Transport Company in Paris. Each day, thousands of commuters are taking its lines and are using vending machine to buy transport tickets.

Iron Hack’s prework — Challenge 3 : Usability Evaluation and Site Redesign

For this new challenge, I have to jump into the shoes of a world traveler. I need to choose one user type according to my own audience reach, then to identify one travel app that performs better for it. Finally, I have to perform usability testing to understand how it could get even better. Thanks to my results, I have to offer changes in order to fix the pain points I would find through an interactive prototype.

User type

The user type I have selected is a young couple 20–40 y/o that corresponds to my age range and to the majority of…

Ironhack’s Prework — Challenge 1 : Design Thinking


For this first challenge, my task is to create a feature for Citymapper’s app that solves the pain of having to purchase different public transport tickets by different channels.

To do this, I follow 4 of the 5 steps associated with the design thinking process : empathize, define, ideate and prototype.


Citymapper is an app presented as the ultimate transport app. Its aim is to reinvent public transport journey of the users. Based on public transport data, the app can be used in a lot of cities over the world : Paris…

Ironhack’s Prework — Challenge 2 : Wireframing


My second challenge for Iron Hack’s prework is to « reverse engineer » the one popular app Interaction Design and User Flow. My task is to create a wireframe version of the user flow of the chosen app based on screenshots.

For this challenge I chose Doctolib’s app. Doctolib is a French app to make online appointment with a medical specialist. It’s a platform that I used to use from several year. It’s really easy to make a medical appointment : we don’t need to call, we can have access to the planning and choose the best time that fits…

Caroline Graver

Web editor @francebleu & UX/UI design student @ironhack

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